Our Values: Commercial, Energetic and Loyal

Commercial – practical, common sense and cost effective

We aim to provide practical, common sense advice every step of the way, that our clients feel is cost effective and value for money.

We can believe that we are cost effective but until our clients believe this our work is not complete.

Energetic – a proprietary approach and a strong work ethic

Our work ethic is simple – our job is to take the load off our clients and their in-house counsel.

And we work as if we are working on our own projects – energy comes easy that way!

Loyal – the “magic” that binds

We value loyalty, in all its forms.

We believe in loyalty as a key enabler of success and recognise loyalty as a key element and focus of most successful businesses (loyalty to employees, customers and other stakeholders) and as such loyalty remains our core value.

At its best loyalty is a two-way relationship that binds even when your head tells you to do something else. A strong relationship like that (we call magic) cannot be sustained on a unilateral basis. We know that and we are committed to doing our bit.

That is our undertaking to you.